Which States Have Recovered the Most Lost Jobs?

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Note from Christi:

Texas, North Dakota & Alaska – oil-rich, energy producing states – are top job creators in the U.S.


By: Mike Maciag,

While employment has steadily climbed since the recovery began, only a select few states have seen jobs return to pre-recession levels so far.

Last month marked the four-year anniversary of the end of the recession in June 2009. Updated Labor Department estimates published Friday show the extent to which states are regaining their economic footing.

The U.S. has recovered 5.3 million jobs since job losses bottomed out, still about 2.2 million below pre-recession levels.

North Dakota experienced a 20.6 percent gain in employment since the recovery began, by far the nation’s largest increase. The state’s population also jumped, accordingly.

Texas (8.6 percent), Utah (7.8 percent) and Indiana (6.4 percent) recorded the next-highest percentage increases over the four-year period.

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