Christi Craddick Talks North American Energy Integration with the Texas Energy Council

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DALLAS – Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick spoke today on a panel at the 27th Annual Texas Energy Council Symposium in Dallas. Chairman Craddick and panel members addressed questions about recent energy reforms in Mexico and how to integrate Canada and Mexico into a U.S.-led North American energy renaissance.

“In asserting the importance of advanced energy policies for our nation, we must also acknowledge the power of a regional approach combining the strengths found across North America,” Craddick said. “A lockstep plan with our North American trade partners and neighbors—focused on the full development of our oil and gas resources, infrastructure, regulatory policies and workforce—would provide North America as a whole with immense, long-term economic growth and the true potential for energy independence. Across this continent, with our friends in Canada and Mexico, we have some of the largest proven reserves in the world. Our policies must keep pace with industry technology and guide both resource and infrastructure development to our betterment.”