Christi Craddick Appointed to Serve as Governor’s Designee to the Southern States Energy Board

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AUSTIN – Today, Gov. Greg Abbott announced the appointment of Chairman Christi Craddick to serve as his designee to the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB).

Created in 1960, the SSEB is an interstate compact organization, comprised of the governor and a legislator from each House and Senate of 16 southern states and two territories.

“I am honored to serve as Governor Abbott’s designee to this vital organization,” Craddick said. “As Attorney General and now as Governor, he has long shared the vision that energy production is best regulated at the state level. As we work together, we will keep Texas and all states first in the responsible development of our nation’s vast mineral reserves.”

As a Board Member of the SSEB, Chairman Craddick will work with member states to develop policies that promote science-based solutions to sustainable energy development, eliminating barriers to the use of efficient energy and environmental technologies, and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all Texans.

“State governing bodies have the most to gain by properly managing natural resources and economic activity and the most to lose from mismanagement,” Craddick said. “In Texas, we know that incentives for conservation and improving efficiency, rather than stifling technological development with excessive regulation, is the most effective tool of environmental stewardship. I look forward to sharing ideas with our fellow energy producing states as we continue to set the standard in regulating one of the most technologically advanced industries in the world.”

To read Gov. Abbott’s press release on the appointment of Chairman Craddick visit here.