Campaign for Re-Election

For Immediate Release
September 12, 2017

Contact: Lauren Spreen
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Christi Craddick Launches Campaign for Re-Election

Chairman of RRC Seeks Second Term to Oversee Nation’s Leading Energy Industry

Austin – The Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), Christi Craddick, today announced she is running for re-election in 2018.

“As a steward of our state’s most valuable resources and a life-long conservative Republican, I am uniquely qualified to usher in a new era of growth and job creation in the Texas energy sector,” Craddick said.

“During my first term at the Railroad Commission, I oversaw a modernization of the agency and provided common sense regulatory oversight of a robust energy industry while carefully balancing our state’s economic and environmental concerns,” Craddick said. “I am respectfully asking the voters of Texas to re-elect me to a second term.”

Chairman Craddick is the only female elected to statewide, executive office. She is a proven fiscal conservative who has managed an agency of 700 employees within existing budgetary means. During the 85th Regular Session, Craddick successfully led the effort to re-authorize the RRC through the Sunset review process.

Craddick campaigned on, and succeeded in securing funding for a major information technology overhaul at the RRC, which resulted in a more transparent and accessible agency for the public. Accelerating inspections and permitting processes, she afforded significant costs savings for the state and industry.

Craddick has continuously pushed back on Washington, fighting federal regulatory overreach while protecting states’ rights in the management of safe energy production within their borders.

As a result of her leadership, the RRC developed rules to maximize recycling in oil and gas operations and expanded use of reclaimed water throughout the energy production process.

Craddick has been a champion for creating new opportunities for Texas energy companies through the privatization of the Mexican energy sector while assisting Mexican officials with information on Texas’ leading energy regulatory policies.

“I take seriously our obligation to protect our natural resources while the industry creates jobs and opportunities across Texas on account of our energy resources,” Craddick said. “Today, with science-based, pro-growth regulation, we have proven we can have cleaner air and water, as well as economic growth and expanded energy development in Texas.

“Texas’ continued success requires thoughtful, steady leadership in overseeing this foundational segment of our state’s economy,” Craddick said. “If you elect me to a second term, I will keep Texas on the path to energy prosperity. I will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Railroad Commission and defend our state’s regulatory authority over energy development. I will support streamlined permitting for industry infrastructure and the safe transport of our energy resources. I will advocate for educational paths for a highly-trained, technically-skilled workforce. It would be an honor to serve the great State of Texas as your Railroad Commissioner for another six years.”

Craddick is a native of Midland, Texas. She earned a Bachelor’s degree and Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas at Austin. During her career as an attorney, Craddick specialized in oil and gas, water, tax issues, electric deregulation and environmental policy.

Craddick serves her community as an active member of organizations including the State Bar of Texas, University of Texas Liberal Arts Alumni Advisory Council, University of Texas System Chancellor’s Council, and Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation. Christi resides in Austin with her daughter, Catherine and is an active member of St. Austin’s Catholic Church.