Commissioner Craddick Cites Importance of Pipeline Safety as State’s Energy Infrastructure Grows

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SAN ANTONIO – Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick spoke to members of the Texas pipeline industry today at the annual Railroad Commission Pipeline Safety Conference in San Antonio. Pipeline operators from across the state attended the conference to learn about new or changing rules at the state and federal level and to exchange ideas and best practices with industry members.

“As we have watched major growth in U.S. energy development, the expansion of pipeline infrastructure has also skyrocketed,” Craddick said. “Today, Texas has more than 439,000 miles of pipeline, representing the most total pipeline mileage in the United States.

“Pipelines are critical to the safe and timely transport of our resources,” Craddick said. “And, regulation of the pipeline industry is one of the most important duties of the Railroad Commission in protecting our citizens and enabling the industry to keep pace with transporting our increasing energy supplies. As regulation of pipelines evolves, we will continue to ensure that industry has the information they need to safely operate in Texas.”