Commissioner Craddick Directs Railroad Commission Staff to Review Processes, Find Efficiencies

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AUSTIN – Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick today at the Commission’s open meeting directed agency staff to conduct a full review of the Commission’s rules and processes. This initiative is designed to both create efficiencies at the agency and reduce regulatory burdens on industry without impacting environmental or public safety during a slowdown in oil and gas activity in Texas.

“During my time at the Commission, I have often discussed with our staff, industry members, trade associations and others, areas where the Commission can be more efficient, more effective, and simply do its job better,” Craddick said. “In light of the current downturn, I feel it is appropriate to look at certain ways to save time and money for both the State of Texas and for those doing business at the Commission. I look forward to the staff’s feedback as we prepare to launch this initiative at our next Railroad Commission Conference on Aug. 9.”