Commissioner Craddick Examines Texas’ Prolific Permian Basin with Regional Experts

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MIDLAND – Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick today spoke to the West Texas Geological Society at its annual fall symposium in Midland.  Commissioner Craddick highlighted the past, present and future importance of the Permian Basin to the Texas energy industry. The technical group meets annually to discuss research, studies, geological analysis and developing technologies in the region that will further the development of one of the country’s most significant oil and gas basins.

“The Permian Basin’s current and potential production, for Texas and our nation, is truly invaluable,” Craddick said. “This oil rich region enables us to meet our domestic energy demands with reliable, affordable energy for consumers. Without a doubt, the Permian Basin is responsible for catapulting the U.S. into the role of the world’s top oil producer, providing us greater national security by reducing our reliance on imported sources of oil. Essential to this success is the skilled workforce and vast technical expertise of the West Texas Geological society and the region’s industry members.”