Craddick Discusses Collaborative Approach with CLEAT

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AUSTIN – Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick today spoke at Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas’ (CLEAT) Leadership Academy, thanking the group for their critical role in oilfield safety. CLEAT’s annual meeting works to bring together law enforcement association executives to discuss relevant and pressing topics for strategic planning, legal issues, labor relations, crisis management, social issues, and police programs.

“In today’s world, the job of law enforcement extends to virtually every facet of the oil and gas industry,” Craddick said. “In areas where we have seen big industry development and resulting population growth, a strong law enforcement presence is critical to ensuring our communities and industry resources remain safe. We cannot thank our first responders and police force enough for the job they do on the ground, day in and day out.”

Craddick also stressed the commitment of the Commission in assisting law enforcement with investigations into criminal activity, through industry expertise and access to information maintained by the agency.

“You are our eyes and ears on the ground,” Craddick said. “Often, law enforcement is the first to report concerning activity to the Commission. We look forward to continued work with Texas law enforcement agencies in an effort to better keep Texans and our resources safe.”