Craddick: “Texas Can Remain a Leader in Clean Energy”

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AUSTIN – Please see Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick’s editorial on the leading role Texas is playing in developing clean energy technology. The editorial appears in the San Antonio Express-News Sunday, April 16.

“Texas is a national leader in the development of clean energy,” Craddick said. “We have more wind power capacity than any other state and all but five countries. The solar power market in Texas is also taking off as the manufactured cost of panels have been reduced. Clean energy involves more than a commitment to the development of renewables. It includes investments in new technologies that can make conventional generation cleaner, too.

“The United States must remain on the leading edge of energy technologies, just as we led the way on hydraulic fracturing, which is transforming America’s energy economy,” Craddick said. “Our commitment to develop renewable sources, to tap the potential of our shale formations, and to develop the technology needed to make our air cleaner and our economy stronger means Texas remains positioned as the nation’s energy leader.”

The editorial can be read in full here.