Craddick: We Need a National Energy Plan—And the ‘Texas Model’ is a Good Place to Start

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AUSTIN – In case you missed it, please see Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick’s editorial calling for discussion of a national energy plan at Thursday’s 2016 GOP presidential debate.

“If pricing pressures from OPEC were not enough, the pain felt in the oil field today is the direct result of political decisions and bureaucratic policies made in places like the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management and Fish and Wildlife Service,” Craddick said.

“For far too long we have let others determine our energy fate. If our nation is going to make measurable strides toward energy independence, now is the time to act. As presidential candidates kick-off the debate season, voters have a right to ask: What is your plan to responsibly develop America’s energy potential?”

The editorial was published in Forbes this week and can be read on their site here.