Debunking Gasland, Part II

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Note from Christi:

As Gasland II debuts on TV tonight, I encourage you to review the inaccuracies detailed below from a “movement that was always based on sensationalism over substance.” We must work towards truth, science based facts and furthering education efforts within US energy production – an industry that drives the economy, drives job growth and that could soon lead us to energy independence through responsible energy production.


By: Steve Everley, Energy In Depth

Three years after the release of Gasland – a film panned by independent observers as “fundamentally dishonest” and a “polemic” – the main challenge for director Josh Fox in releasing Gasland Part II was manifest: Regain the public’s trust by discarding hyperbole and laying out the challenges and opportunities of shale development as they actually exist in the actual world. In short, do everything a documentary filmmaker should do, but which he chose not to do in Gasland.

Unfortunately for those who attended the premiere of Gasland Part II this past weekend (we were there), Josh eschewed that path entirely, doubling down on the same old, tired talking points, and playing to his narrow base at the exclusion of all others. The Parker County case? It’s in there.Dimock? Probably receives more focus than anything else. Pavillion and EPA? You bet. And yes, that damned banjo of his makes an appearance or two as well.

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