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‪Shale‬ ‪‎energy‬ production in ‪Texas‬ is growing every part of the economy, even in ways you sometimes would not imagine. In this case – truck sales and ‪‎jobs‬ at local car dealerships.


By: Chip Latcham,

Most stories we have read recently continue to remain positive about the Eagle Ford Shale and its impact on this region of South Texas.

In the Business Sunday section of the San Antonio Express-News, one feature story keyed on the fact that truck sales are booming along with the shale oil play.

“It’s just been incredible,” said one commercial sales and services manager for a Ford dealership in San Antonio. Other automakers report similar gains in new car and truck sales around SA and Houston, and local auto groups said their fleet business has surged alongside the Eagle Ford boom.

A quick check with Beeville auto dealerships revealed similar sentiments. Rick Smith, general manager of Dave Moore Ford, said sales indeed are revving up.

“We are tied for second in our region (Houston south) in truck sales (select dealers in smaller markets),” he said, bringing smiles to the owners and employees.

Multiple oil field companies are making regular purchases of work trucks, Smith said, adding that a “ton of trucks” have been sent to their dealership and are being sold off their lot.

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