Ford to launch F-150 That Can Run On Natural Gas

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Note from Christi:

Ford announces it will offer the 2014 version of America’s most popular vehicle with a natural gas option, turning drivers into potential consumers of the cleaner, low-cost fuel.


By: Zain Shaunk, Fuel Fix

Ford Motor Co. will offer a natural gas option for its 2014 F-150 pickup truck models, turning drivers of America’s most popular vehicle into potential consumers of the low-cost fuel.

The option, scheduled to be announced Wednesday, will add a major prospect for consumers hoping to use natural gas to fuel cars and light-duty trucks, since only one such vehicle — the Honda Civic Natural Gas — is available now for direct sales from an automaker to U.S. customers.

“There is the potential that we may look back on this launch as when natural gas really became a mass-market fuel for retail customers as well as fleet customers,” said Jon Coleman, sustainability and technology manager for Ford, in an interview with FuelFix.

Though no one — not even Ford — is predicting large sales for the natural gas versions of the F-150, the model may draw particular interest in Texas — the nation’s top producer of natural gas and No. 1 buyer of pickup trucks.

And Ford’s F-series, of which the F-150 is the most popular model, has long been the top selling car line in America.

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