Railroad Commission Joins PUCT & TCEQ in Supporting Repeal of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

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AUSTIN –The Railroad Commission of Texas joins the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Public Utility Commission of Texas in submitting comments on a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan.

A letter signed by the executive directors of the RRC, TCEQ and PUCT was submitted to EPA today, Thursday, April 26 by TCEQ. The letter includes comments on EPA’s proposed repeal of Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Electric Utility Generating Units, otherwise known as the Clean Power Plan.

“The PUCT, RRC and TCEQ support the repeal of the Clean Power Plan,” the letter states.

All three agencies previously submitted comments opposing the Clean Power Plan. Those comments were submitted Dec. 1, 2014 and are included in the most recent submission.