Railroad Commission Presents 2018-19 Budget Request to Senate Finance Committee – Priorities Include More Inspectors, IT Modernization, and Sustainable Revenue Source

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AUSTIN—Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick today presented the Railroad Commission’s 2018-19 biennial budget request to the Texas Senate Finance Committee. The Commission’s budget request totals $85 million for Fiscal Year 2018 and $85 million for Fiscal Year 2019.

To ensure the Commission continues to meet its mission of protecting public safety and the environment, it is requesting an additional $16.1 million. These funds would be used for staff retention through salary parity with other state agencies, additional oilfield safety and pipeline safety inspectors and enhanced enforcement tracking capabilities.

Exceptional item requests include:

  • Priority 1: Salary Parity; $4.3 million (biennial total)
  • Priority 2: Additional Inspectors for Enhanced Oilfield Safety and Pipeline Integrity Initiative; $8.8 million and 55 Full Time Equivalent employees (biennial total)
  • Priority 3: Inspection / Enforcement Tracking and Reporting System; $3 million and 7 FTEs (biennial total)

The Commission is also requesting a supplemental appropriation of approximately $45 million.