Railroad Commission to Explore Need for Focus on Urban Inspections

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AUSTIN – Today, Chairman Christi Craddick directed the Railroad Commission’s Executive Director to explore the potential need for an emphasis on inspections in highly populated, urban areas throughout Texas.

“In current times, we are looking at a state in which drilling does not necessarily occur in less populated, rural areas, as it once did years ago,” Chairman Craddick said. “Because of both production and population growth across this state, our communities are more commonly touched by the development of oil and gas. With that growth comes the Commission’s critical responsibility to not only re-evaluate our processes, but to educate Texans about our every-day duties as their regulator, and to assure them that their communities are in fact safe.

“We have heard the concerns expressed by those living in urban areas where drilling is occurring. As the industry evolves, the Commission will continue to provide all Texans the oversight necessary to maintain a safe, clean environment in which to live and raise their families,” Craddick said.