Craddick Warns Against Federal Overreach of Proposed Methane Emission Rules on Oil and Gas Operations – Proposed Rules Would Unfairly Burden Operators; Cost Texas Jobs

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AUSTINRailroad Commissioner Christi Craddick today warned against further federal overreach of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules on methane emissions for oil and gas operators. The Commission recently submitted formal comments on the proposed rules, highlighting the overreach of regulation by the federal government, the unnecessary cost to oil and gas operators, and the likelihood additional costs would stifle innovation and jobs in the industry.

Commissioner Craddick said, “While production has increased by more than 400 percent, responsible drilling initiatives and technologies have led to a 13.3 percent reduction in methane emissions from shale development since 2008. EPA’s recent onerous proposal for duplicative, costly methane regulations will stifle the progress made as a direct result of industry initiatives already in place. We know that while good rules foster growth, poorly conceived policies stymie growth. This new proposal certainly fits the mold of EPA’s repeated attempts to repress our nation’s leadership in fossil fuel production.”

The Commissioner’s statements follow discussion of the proposed methane emission rules during the regularly scheduled conference earlier today.

To read the comments submitted by the Commission, please click here and here.