RRC’s Craddick talks about ‘sustained economic growth’

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A note from Christi:

ICYMI: Our Tribune Fest panel “Deconstructing the Boom”



AUSTIN — Wall Street Journal’s Senior Energy Reporter Russell Gold tasked Texas Railroad Commission Chairwoman Christi Craddick and the other panelists of the Texas Tribune Festival’s “Deconstructing the Boom” discussion on Saturday with explaining how “not to mess it up” this time, “it” being the oil boom.

Craddick did not want to call it the boom. Instead, she classified it as “sustained economic growth.”

“I think that’s where we’ve been for the last 10 years and I think it’s going to continue to grow,” Craddick said. “There are 34 states that are active in the oil and gas industry, which is different than it was last time (the early 1980s.)”

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