Statement by Chairman Craddick on EPA Findings: “No Evidence of Impact on Drinking Water from Hydraulic Fracturing”

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AUSTIN – Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick today reinforced findings released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their draft assessment on Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking Water Resources. EPA comments stated that despite vulnerabilities, there is no evidence of ‘widespread, systematic impacts on drinking water resources due to hydraulic fracturing activities.’

“Texans have known for sixty-plus years that hydraulic fracturing when well-regulated, is not only safe but critical to unleashing America’s true oil and gas production potential,” Craddick said. “There is not one case on the books in Texas where hydraulic fracturing has caused groundwater pollution and it’s my hope the EPA’s findings will contribute to a better public, fact-based understanding of this critical industry technique.

“The difference between state and federal regulation is that while the feds study the issues, states act carefully in a timely manner with science-based information to ensure that we are properly protecting our environment while not stifling a fast-paced, technologically-driven industry. Economic development and environmental safety can and do exist peacefully in Texas, which should be the ultimate goal for any regulatory body. As Texas recognizes that we are a leader in oil and gas regulation, we know that this philosophy has led to our success and we look forward to building upon critical state-shared information processes as the industry continues to develop and grow.”