Taking the Long View of the Texas Energy Industry by Commissioner Craddick

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AUSTIN – In case you missed it, please see Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick’s editorial on the long term outlook of crude oil exports and its impact on the Texas energy industry published in the Midland Reporter-Telegram Sunday.

“It has been 40 years since Texas crude could be sold around the world,” Craddick said. “Texas is now poised to lead the U.S. back into the global marketplace where our producers can compete with anyone, anywhere. The groundwork has been laid and Texas producers are ready for the competition and unleashing of true U.S. shale potential. In 40 years, historians will look back upon the decision to lift the ban on U.S. crude oil exports as a victory for free markets and a long overdue economic shot in the arm for Texas and our nation.”

The editorial can be read in full here.