I spoke at the 2018 Texas Republican Convention about the energy industry’s impact on our state’s economy. When the energy sector thrives, Texas thrives, and I’m here to say the Texas model works.


I’m announcing my campaign for re-election to the Railroad Commission because I want Texas to remain on a path to energy prosperity.


Life is a gift to be celebrated and cherished. I will continue to fight to protect innocent life. On the right to life, I’ll never back down.


Our right to bear arms shall never be infringed. We must continue to defend our Constitutional rights. On the 2nd Amendment, I’ll never back down.

Hurricane Harvey

Talked to Fox News Business about Hurricane Harvey and its growing effect on Texans and our energy industry.


I will continue to fight for increased domestic production and against overreaching regulation that stifles our economy. On defending Texas jobs, I’ll never back down.